June 2017

No 512 - Vol 47

Cover Photo:  by Roberto Catalano



By Paul Gateshill

Wings of Unity

Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali (director of the Islamic Centre of England), together with members of the Islamic Seminary of England, visited Sophia University Institute in Loppiano, Italy, in January 2017. In the first of this two part series, we give the background to this extraordinary friendship developing between Muslims and Christians.


The God of today

Whoever has discovered Jesus Forsaken and sees his countenance in every pain and disunity, in every misfortune and division, cannot withdraw into a life of devotional piety or even comfortable intimacy, but rather will always be, with him, at the forefront, in the fracture, in contact with the ‘wounds’, in order to find a solution. We continue with this year’s theme on Jesus Forsaken, who Chiara Lubich describes as ‘the God of our times, the God of today’.

Extracts from Chiara Lubich: Jesus Forsaken, Edited by Hubertus Blaumeiser. New City (2016)


Not falling apart

Barbara Stewart from California shares an experience of how arguments were avoided when getting involved in some domestic DIY.


Jesus will teach you

Father Jonathan Cotton shares his experience of going beyond his own tiredness during the busy time of Holy Week.


Word of Life - June 2017

As the Father has sent me, so I send you (Jn 20: 21).

With the Holy Spirit’s help, this month every time we interact with others, no matter what it is, let us too remember and practise the words of love: welcome, listen, empathize, dialogue, encourage, include, care, forgive, appreciate the other…


A soul for Europe?

Mike Robinson shares his ‘treasure from the past’ with an article published in New City in July 2005. To most people in Britain the spiritual origins of the European Union remain a closely guarded secret. Frank Johnson investigates.


Every hair on my head is counted

David White reflects on his growing understanding of the immensity of God’s love for each person.


The crocodile and the dentist

Cathy Beer shares another story for us to get our teeth into…



Lorraine Reade reports on the making of a new CD of Focolare songs in March this year: ‘All I wanted was to be there one hundred per cent in the present moment, trying to not only sing the words, but put my soul into singing them as well. And as the message we want to give is one of unity, it’s something we had to live among us whilst recording…’



A short poem by Ann Finch


When life gives you lemons…

Helen Hardacre makes her debut to this page with a recipe for a delicious lemon layer pudding.



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