February 2018

No 519 - Vol 48

Cover photo: Thomas Klann/CSC



By Paul Gateshill

Towards better disagreement!

Keith Pennington shares his experience as an atheist, in a project with Christians, Muslims and Humanists: ‘We can make a difference by talking about what we experienced here with others in our various social groups, and challenging people when assumptions are made concerning other peoples’ beliefs.’


A hidden treasure

Frank Johnson reflects on the works of A J Cronin, who inspired ‘Dr Finlay’s Casebook’: 'No matter how we try to escape, to lose ourselves in restless seeking, we cannot separate ourselves from our divine source. There is no substitute for God. Though we may not fully recognize it, we exist in the divine essence. The image of God is found in all mankind.’


Mary – a model for Christian life

We continue with this year’s theme on Mary, the mother of Jesus, with Bishop Brendan Leahy and Judith Povilus, providing a context for our understanding of Mary and her place within the Focolare Movement.

Extracts from ‘Mary – Flower of Humanity’ by Chiara Lubich. Published by New City, UK (2017)



Chiara Lubich reflects on the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise.


Trolley rage

A man crosses paths with an angry mother in his local supermarket in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Word of Life - February 2018

To the thirsty I will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life (Rev. 21: 6).

Let us draw from the pure source of the Gospel, freeing ourselves from all the debris that may cover it, and allow ourselves to be transformed into fountains of generous, welcoming and freely given love for all.


Being ‘young and different’ in 21st century Britain

Cathy Limebear reports on an encounter between young Christians and Muslims who shared what it means to have a faith in Britain today: ‘People tend to tell you about parts of your religion they disagree with, often shaming you for believing it. They laugh at views close to your heart. They try to make you an atheist and prove what you believe is lies.’


The WHY factor

Robbie Young invites us to ask the right questions if we want to hear the ‘right’ answers.


An ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Paola Grazia, Marie-Christine Fournier and Cathy Beer reflect on their recent visit to the Holy Land with Baptists, Anglicans and Roman Catholics.


The warm crackly feel of vinyl

Padraic Gilligan reflects on why LP records are making a come-back amongst old and young alike.


Servant’s delight

Ann Banks from Lancashire, conjures up a tasty ‘vegetarian lasagne with a twist’.


Great spotted woodpecker

A short poem by Ivor Bundell



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