October 2018

No 526 - Vol 48

Cover photo: ©Silvano Soliveres



By Paul Gateshill

Beyond all borders

A group of young people from the Focolare in GB attended Genfest 2018 in Manila in July. Rhiannon Copeland and Conleth Burns report on this international event.


Eddie McCaffrey – the root

We continue the series on ‘Pioneers of the Focolare’. Padraic Gilligan pays tribute to Eddie McCaffrey, whose journey from despair over his illness to the fullness of joy and peace was an inspiration to many. He became the root of a flourishing spiritual community that grew up around him in Dublin.

You can read more about Eddie’s life in ‘The Vanishing Root’ by Maurus Green OSB. Published by New City (1994)


Genfest 2018 – Behind the scenes

Sarah Finch shares her experience of working behind the scenes as the Programme Director for the Genfest.


Going beyond all borders

Here is a selection of just three of the experiences shared by young people at Genfest 2018.


Word of Life – October 2018

But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not subject to the law (Gal. 5: 18).

Living in love is not simply the fruit of our own efforts. The Spirit who has been given to us, gives us the strength to grow in freedom from the slavery of selfishness and to live in love. And we can continually ask for the Holy Spirit.


Beyond us and them

Robbie Young reflects on why we always tend to default to an ‘us and them’ position.


Gen Verde and Genfest 2018

New City caught up with Sally McAllister, who manages the international performing arts group, Gen Verde. The band performed at Genfest 2018 and helped out behind the scenes.


Spicy scrambled eggs

Anuradha Laws shares a simple but very tasty recipe for scrambled eggs.


Awesome day

A short poem by Jim Deeds.

From ‘Gym for the soul’ by Jim Deeds. Published by New City 2018



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