December 2018

No 528 - Vol 48

Cover: Citta Nuova



By Paul Gateshill

Our common home – the Earth

Monica Conmee attended the Laudato si conference: ‘Our Common Home’ in July 2018 hosted by the Vatican


Interfaith youth camp in Scotland

‘A unique and amazing experience’ summed up what many of us felt at the end of the first Scottish Interfaith Youth Camp 2018 (SIYC), held in Aberfoyle, near Stirling, on 7-9 September 2018. Claudia Melis reports.


Brother Ronald

Mike Waiting pays tribute to Brother Ronald, an Anglican Franciscan who, together with his puppets, introduced many young people to the Focolare.


Developing edible landscapes

Augustine Doronila, from Australia, reports on an innovative project to address malnutrition, literacy, poverty and sustainable development in the Philippines.


Going beyond all borders (Part 3)

We continue with two more experiences shared by young people at Genfest 2018 in Manila, the Philippines


Word of Life – December 2018

Rejoice in the Lord always (Phil. 4: 4)

Christian joy is like a ray of sunlight shining through a tear, a rose flowering from blood-stained ground. It is the essence of love distilled from suffering. That is why it has the apostolic power of a glimpse of Paradise.


The look of love

Robbie Young reflects on the way we look at one another and suggests that the real ‘look of love’ is one which flows with mercy and kindness.



By St Augustine

Extract from ‘A star over Bethlehem’ Edited by Ann Finch. Publsihed by New City (2001)


Anni Albers

Pat Kane reviews the work of textile artist Anni Albers (1899–1994) which is being exhibited at the Tate Modern, London.


Be the first to love

Jane Imrie shares her mother’s recipe for shortbread.


Words for a dead friend

A short poem by Jim Deeds.

From ‘Gym for the soul’ by Jim Deeds. Published by New City 2018



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