March 2018

No 520 - Vol 48

Cover photo: ©SAPC/Tom Buik



By Paul Gateshill

Meeting our Muslim brothers and sisters

Anthony Weaver is organising a retreat of reconciliation in Viviers, France this autumn. He reports on the background to this pilgrimage.

For the Last Testament of Fr.Christian de Cherge in English:


The providential hand of God

A tribute to Gis Calliari, one of Chiara Lubich's first companions: ‘It was an ever new discovery of the Gospel, which Chiara took with her to the air raid shelters. Her words were words of fire, words that changed circumstances, places, people, everything, everything! There were no problems, no tiredness, there were no obstacles.’ Gis died eariler this year


The joy of discovery

We continue this year’s theme on Mary, the mother of Jesus, with a personal reflection by Callan Slipper. Callan lives in the Focolare community in Welwyn Garden City. He is also an Anglican priest and was recently appointed as the National Ecumenical Officer for the Church of England.


How beautiful the Mother

She kept silent because the two could not speak at once. The word must always rest against a silence, like a painting against a background. A short meditation by Chiara Lubich.

Chiara Lubich – Essential Writings, p 137, New City 2007


The gospel of the family – joy for the world

Declan O’Brien reports on preparations for the World Meeting of Families, to be hosted in Dublin in August 2018. ‘It is by trying to live the gospel of the family, with all our imperfections, limitations and weaknesses, that our families can be a light and a joy for all the world.’


Word of Life - March 2018

Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths (Ps. 25: 4).

The Lord’s ways can be daring and, at times, may seem too challenging for us. They challenge our selfish habits, our prejudices and false humility; and they create opportunities for dialogue, encounter and commitment to the common good.


Street motions and emotions

Maria Dalgarno reports on an innovative project encouraging young people from Scotland, Croatia and Italy, to share their traditional sports, and break down cultural barriers: ‘It was clear to all that games and sports do overcome barriers, if they are lived with the right attitude. As many said, it wasn’t so much about winning but learning from each other and getting to know one another.’


The sacrament of presence

Elisabeth Öhlböck, from Belfast, reflects on the importance of being fully present for one another. ‘We all know that being acknowledged and valued for who we are, being cherished and loved is one of the most important factors for humans to grow and thrive.’


Amadeo Modigliani

Pat Kane explores the work of painter and sculptor Modigliani (1884-1920) who worked in both Italy and Paris. ‘With one eye you are looking at the outside world, while with the other you are looking within yourself.’ (Modigliani)


A thriving community

Kathleen and Richard Hooper share a delicious recipe for Mustard Chicken.


Dear New City

Letter from Andy Yeomans (Chorley)



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