May 2016

No 500 - Vol 46

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By Paul Gateshill

Growing the seeds of a new economy

Lorna Gold celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Economy of Communion (EOC) - a new economic initiative started by Chiara Lubich in which people were invited to start businesses and to share the profits in three parts: one for the poor, one for promoting a ‘culture of giving’, and one for the development of the business.


New City magazine 500th edition

This is the 500th edition of New City since it began in December 1970. The magazine has come a long way since its first edition, where it described itself simply as ‘the newsletter of the Focolare Movement’. We highlight some of the main milestones over the last forty-six years.


Recycling - and the present moment

Elizabeth Jones is surprised at how much she has learnt working in a recycling processing plant.


Word of Life – May 2016

He will dwell with them; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them. (Rev. 21: 3)
If God dwells among us through our mutual love, the new creation becomes effective where we are. It will spread like fire and make the whole world a foretaste of the new heavens and the new earth to come at the end of time.

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--Spirituality of Unity--

The Trinity - model of Unity

Further extracts from a talk given by the President of the Focolare, Maria Voce, to members of the Movement on the theme of Unity. ‘We began to realize that Jesus had truly brought on earth the lifestyle of heaven. In fact, faithfully practising mutual love following the model of Jesus crucified and forsaken led us to build unity according to the life of the Trinity.

--Spirituality of Unity--

Blown by the wind

Robbie Young questions whether our reliance on technology is removing all the excitement from our lives?


Presence - forty years on

Paul Gateshill looks back at the album Presence which celebrates the fortieth anniversary of its release in 1976 and catches up with the original members of the band.

For further information about the project and planned anniversary concert see:


Miss Plumket’s invitation

Cathy Beer celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s ninetieth birthday with the continuing adventures of Miss Plumket and Mrs Medlicott.


Chicken with lentils

Mary Gateshill offers readers a delicious meal fit for all occasions.

--Thoughts from the kitchen--

Moments to Remember - Ignatian Wisdom for Ageing

Penny Thornton is both inspired and challenged by a new book on ageing.

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