August-September 2016

No 503 - Vol 46

Cover photo: Pixabay



By Paul Gateshill

Rebuilding relationships

In this poignant moment, the words, ‘Be at peace with one another’ (Mk 9: 50) spur us on to work for unity across the different divides. The ‘Word of Life’ for June reminded us that ‘It is a peace we are called to experience in our daily lives: in our families, at work, with those who have other ideas politically …’ Helen Copeland reflects on the aftermath of the EU referendum.


Fede – Flinging open the doors of the Trinity

Jan Morovic pays tribute to Giorgio Marchetti, who was one of Chiara Lubich’s first companions. He died after a long illness on 29th May 2016.


Serving the local community

In the run up to the recent EU Referendum, one of the main themes was that of immigration, which was largely portrayed in a negative light. Michal Siewniak, originally from Poland, describes his experience about making a positive contribution to social and political life at grassroots level in the UK.


Opening our hearts

The remarkable story of a Dutch family that grows together through its experience of fostering and adoption.


Word of Life - August 2016

You have one teacher, 
and you are all students (Mt. 23: 8).

The words of the Gospel shape our lives and give us God’s own life, if we live them. If we share what we experience with others, it does not only nourish them, it gives us life too.


Word of Life – September 2016

All belong to you, and you belong to Christ (1 Cor. 3: 22-23).

We can bring all things as a gift to God, if we learn how to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep, transforming each pain into love.


There is no thorn without a rose

Everything that God wills or permits is for my sanctification. By Chiara Lubich

Source: Essential Writings - Available from New City


The Hastings Whale

Cathy Beer shares another adventure with the indomitable couple: Mrs Medlicott and Miss Plumket.


I believe...

John Green reflects on the nature of ‘believing’ and how ‘beliefs’ need to be tested in order to be trusted.


Broken Jug

A short poem by Ann Finch



Catherine Pennington shares a quick and simple recipe of Crustless Quiche.


John Hewitt Selected Poems

Elisabeth Öhlböck introduces us to the poetry of John Hewitt




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