October 2016

No 504 - Vol 46

Cover photo: Balázs Sudár/Új Város



By Paul Gateshill

A culture of fellowship

In July this year, just one week after the ‘Brexit’ vote in the UK, one thousand seven hundred people from two hundred Christian Movements and Communities representing forty countries gathered in Munich for the congress: ‘Together for Europe’. Here is the address given by Maria Voce, the President of the Focolare.


One river, many streams

The letter to the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, Iuvenescit Ecclesia (the ‘Church Regenerates’) published in June 2016 explains the ‘relationship between the hierarchical and charismatic gifts in the life and the mission of the Church.’ Susan Gately reports.

Susan Gately is a journalist and author of ‘God’s surprise: the new movements in the Church’ (Veritas 2012). This article is adapted from an article she wrote for the Tablet in June 2016.


Mariapolis in the land of the midnight sun

Cathy Beer and friends report on this year’s Mariapolis in Iceland in June 2016.


I was hungry and you fed me

Frank McLoughlin recounts how his chance encounter with ‘Dave’ leads to enjoying the superb Northumbrian coastline.


Word of Life - October 2016

Forgive your neighbour the wrong done, and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray (Ecclus. 28: 2)

We can experience a new peace and a surprising joy when we forgive properly, realistically, sincerely. It is our ‘vendetta of love’.


For it is when I am weak that I am strong

In this new series, we ask readers to send in extracts from New City which have inspired them. The following article was chosen by Revd. Peter Paine who is a retired Anglican priest. It was written by Giorgio Marchetti (Fede) as a commentary to the Word of Life in March 1973.

For more about Giorgio Marchetti, see New City August/September 2016 (page 6).


What really matters

In this short meditation, Chiara Lubich reflects on our constant need for humility.

Source: Essential Writings - Available from New City


Artists in residence

Pat Kane explores the potential of artists in residence for inspiring and transforming people's lives


The ultimate price

‘Love means I am ready to give my life for you. And this doesn’t mean only physically dying. I’m ready to share my bread so that you can eat; give up my time to visit you in hospital; stop talking so that I can listen to you.’ Robbie Young reflects upon the nature of sacrificial love.


Night journey

A short poem by Ann Finch


Dialogue through music

Mike Robinson reports on his experience of accompanying nine 12-16 year olds to an international school for music in Italy at the end of June this year

The song ‘A Gift’ (Listen to the Music) the lyrics of which were worked on by Theo Friery and Pietro Piccirillo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxM8GZu5c8M


The music of silence

Helen Copeland reviews the latest book on the life of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, by Elizabeth Ruth Obbard.

Available from New City




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