March 2017

No 509 - Vol 47

Cover design:  by Vicky Frazer



By Paul Gateshill

You’re a gift for me

Frank Johnson shares his experience of his first Mariapolis in Manchester in 1977: It was a joy I had never experienced before, certainly not a joy of this world. Filled with this joy, every encounter with a new person seemed to be, no longer a challenge, but a gift. One of the young people sang a song entitled ‘You’re a gift for me’ and I couldn’t get the words out of my head.


The foolishness of love

Some thoughts by Chiara Lubich on the fullness of love: Jesus crucified and forsaken.

Source: Essential Writings - Available from New City


Face2Face with Elisa Zuin

Paul Gateshill interviewed Elisa Zuin who now lives in the Focolare in Welwyn Garden City, having spent twenty years living in Nigeria.


Word of Life - March 2017

Be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5: 20)

We can live like the first Christians and witness in our lives to God’s overwhelming love. If we, his followers, are truly reconciled among ourselves, we can speak convincingly of God’s reconciling love for the world.


The still small voice of calm

Inez Lynn offers her ‘treasure from the past’ – an article which first appeared in the September/August edition of New City in 1976.


Where is God in suffering?

A book review by Uli Yeomans: As I read this new book by Irish priest and philosopher Brendan Purcell I found myself on an illuminating journey and was wowed by the depth and sheer beauty of this work on God in suffering.


“It’s not dark yet but it’s getting there”

Robbie Young reflects on different ways of regarding the human condition.


Seeing light in darkness

Pat Kane catches up with artist, Vicky Frazer.


The Carers

A short poem by Ivor Bundell


Jesus forsaken – the guarantee of unity

Chiara Lubich describes her discovery of Jesus forsaken as the only guarantee to building unity: Now that I have found understanding in you on what is the secret of unity, I would want to speak to you about it for days on end, and I could. Know that Jesus forsaken is everything. He is the guarantee of unity. Every light about unity comes out of that cry.


Delicious food and fond memories

Seamus Edwards shares a quick and easy recipe for lemon mousse.



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