April 2017

No 510 - Vol 47

Cover photos:  by Davide Bilardi



By Paul Gateshill

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Anja Primbs and Conleth Burns report on the 10th ReGENerate - the annual weekend for the young people of the Focolare here in GB: ‘Each of the experiences blended together to reinforce the overall message of the weekend; that the journey from darkness to light is possible - actually that it is often because of the darkness, “the crack”, that lets the light in.’


Consumed in him

Some thoughts by Chiara Lubich on the fullness of love: Jesus crucified and forsaken.

Source: Essential Writings - Available from New City


Travelling together

Lesley Ellison shares her experience of working at ‘Centro Uno’, the Focolare’s centre for ecumenical dialogue: ‘They were truly formative experiences of a vibrant and living ecumenism which contributed greatly to a reawakening of our knowledge and respect for each other’s’ Churches in this country.’


Word of Life - April 2017

Stay with us, because it is almost evening (Luke 24: 29).

Like the disciples at Emmaus, we can invite Jesus to stay with us. He has transformed every pain into a chance to meet him and so find our pain transformed into love.


No going back

Pat Whitney shares her ‘treasure from the past’ with an article published in New City in November 1977.


The writing on the wall

Robbie Young encourages readers to imagine the unimaginable. He wrote this article in October 2015 and sent it to New City a few months before Brexit and the USA presidential election.


The Lamentation of Christ

Pat Kane reflects on a masterpiece for Easter: The Lamentation of Christ by Giotto di Bondone. ‘Giotto was a member of the Third Order of Franciscans and brought to his work that simplicity of vision and understanding, not only of the divinity of Christ, but also of his humanity.’


Laudate Dominum

A short poem by Ann Finch


Jesus Forsaken – uprooted from earth and heaven

We continue with this year’s theme on Chiara Lubich’s new understanding of Jesus forsaken, which she illustrates with letters and writing from the birth of the Focolare.


Truth embraced with love

Uli Yeomans contributed this recipe after being inspired by Robbie Young’s reflection on life’s passage from light to dark, and beyond (New City March 2017).



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