May 2017

No 511 - Vol 47

Cover illustration:  by Sandor Bartus



By Paul Gateshill

An unhappy anniversary

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The effects of this had an enormous impact on the history, not only of Russia, but of the whole world for more than seventy years. Frank Johnson looks at some of the basic facts and key personalities of this momentous event.


The window cleaner cardinal

Frank Johnson looks back over the life of Cardinal Miloslav Vlk who died on 18th March at the age of eighty-five. From his days as a window cleaner in Prague right up to his departure for heaven, Cardinal Miloslav was a close friend of the Focolare Movement. For many years he was the co-ordinator of the ‘Bishop Friends’ of the Focolare.


Pearl of great price

A reader shares her experience of Jesus crucified and forsaken, faced with her husband’s alcoholism.


Word of Life - May 2017

I am with you always, to the end of the age (Mt. 28: 20).

We can meet God throughout the day. Let’s discover how!


Everyone’s a winner

Mary Gateshill chooses her ‘treasure from the past’ based on a commentary by Chiara Lubich on the Word of Life for June 1978.


Communicating vessels

Elizabeth Öhlböck reflects on how an act of kindness can grow and impact on all those around us.


Face2Face with Sandy Bartus

Cathy Beer catches up with Sandor (Sandy) Bartus from Hungary, who lives in one of the focolare houses in Welwyn Garden City and works as our graphic designer for New City.



Martin Scorsese’s films often address spiritual subjects. Edoardo Zaccagnini explores the work and beliefs of this highly acclaimed director, following the release of his latest film, Silence. ‘The powerful message of compassion and love is the key’; that is, after all, the essence of Christ’s message.


Red Kite

A short poem by Ivor Bundell


A divine alchemy

We continue with the theme of the year: Jesus crucified and forsaken, in which Chiara Lubich explains that the fullness of joy and peace can only come through loving him in his abandonment.

Extracts from Chiara Lubich: Jesus Forsaken, Edited by Hubertus Blaumeiser. New City (2016)


Bless this food

Andy Yeoman’s debut recipe for New City reveals that there is plenty to be thankful for at the Yeoman’s table.



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