November 2017

No 516 - Vol 47

Cover photo ©  Stuart Platt



By Paul Gateshill

Bearers of peace

Claudia Melis reports on ‘Refusing to Hate: A Peace Vigil for Hope’, where Muslims and Christians came together in Glasgow to demonstrate their commitment to work for peace: ‘This gathering of different faiths and cultures is a testament to how unity works in spite of diversity; and indeed, how diversity strengthens us…’


The answer to every cry

We continue with this year’s theme on Jesus crucified and forsaken. Here are extracts from a talk given by Chiara Lubich to the nineteenth international congress of the Swiss Foundation for the Family in Lucerne, Switzerland, May 16, 1999.


Cry with us

Rev Dr Yohanna Katanacho is an academic consultant at the Bethlehem Bible College. He is also the on-call pastor at the Baptist Church of Nazareth and the Alliance Church in Jerusalem. He wrote this prayer-poem in 2014.


Combatants for Peace (part 3)

The inspiring stories of two individuals caught up on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian divide. ‘When I heard about Combatants for Peace they seemed brave and inspiring. I felt that Israelis and Palestinians, joined in nonviolent resistance, could be an alternative and together influence reality.’


Word of Life - November 2017

The greatest among you will be your servant. (Matthew 23: 11)

We can imitate Jesus precisely in what lies closest to his heart: love for others. If we do so, we will be truly blessed.


A leap in the dark

Paul Gateshill chooses another treasure from the New City archives. This experience from an anonymous reader was published in December 1982.



Robbie Young reflects on the nature of power and how it can be used for good or for ill.


Face2Face with Mil Zomack

Paul Gateshill interviews Mil Zomack before she moves from Welwyn Garden City to the Focolare in Glasgow.


Rachel Whiteread

Pat Kane reviews the work of British sculptor Rachel Whiteread: ‘who challenges our perception of space and form, expanding our ways of seeing and changing our understanding of sculpture.’


Trying to live simply

Julie Dickinson, follows on from her recipe last month, with a recipe to use up fruit which is on the turn.


When I am sixty

A short poem by Ivor Bundell



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